We know everything about the TFL sector. Thus, we are a tried and trusted partner for our clients

In forwarding we cooperate only with those carriers, who offer services of the highest quality.

Our experienced and qualified employees oversee the whole process of transportation from the moment of entering into a contract to the moment of completing it. They pay attention to every detail of the contract and treat each customer differently acting accordingly to their needs.

We kindly invite you to contact our team for more detailed and specific information:

Łukasz Bartnicki – the Head of the team
tel. 662 123 370

Michał Morgała
tel. 662 136 669

Anna Rosińska
tel. 503 088 028

Sebastian Maciejewski
tel. 662 136 672

Marcin Ojcowicz
tel. 512 873 451


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Complex freight forwarding services

Constant contact with your freight forwarder

Delivery and collection service from a customer’s warehouse

Timeliness of deliveries

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